The Hidden Beauty of the Ruins

I stumbled upon this place amidst the beautiful scenery of Baguio City. It might be thought as out of place if you compare it side by side the tourist spots that the city lauds to the world. But perhaps its being out of ordinary and its grotesque beauty were the reason why I was drawn to the place.

The once Diplomat Hotel lies unassuming atop the mountains not far from the famous Grotto in the City. What was left now of this once majestic architecture are its ruins, otherwise abandoned and un-used except perhaps to the artistic productions that it lends its charms. As we stopped at the foot of its driveway, I was held in captivated by the view of the old charm of the structure. Surrounding this old vestige of beauty is the unparalleled scenery of pines, florals and the mountains coming together to complement the aura of solitude and quiet place. Coming inside the building and exploring every possible nook, I could not help but to imagine the grandeur it had before. And as the sunlight crept into its once doors and windows, I could not help but to whip out my camera to capture the elegance that I have perceived amidst the blocks of concrete and old woods.

It was a pity that we were not allowed to explore further the upper floors since they are not that stable anymore as per the caretaker of the place. But then, as I walked out into the sun once again, I could not help but to give the place a second look. We often look for beauty, oftentimes with the standards setup by the commercial world. But if we only stop looking for the unattainable and learn to seek out the beautiful beneath the shallow surface, we can find that real beauty is within every people and places that we normally would not expect to be beautiful. Treasures troves are found not in the usual places but on the unexpected, unexplored destination that only those who open up their minds to see the difference will understand.