What a year!

I can’t believe that in a few hours, we will be closing 2017 and will start fresh for 2018. New year means new beginnings to make, new dreams to weave, new challenges to conquer and new hopes for a better life. But before we say goodbye to 2017, I would like to take a trip to memory lane and reflect on the things that have changed my life this year.

A lot of things happened in 2017. In general, it is a fruitful year for me despite of the challenges that I’ve been through. This year marks my journey to self- discovery and I must admit that not all realizations are easy to face. However, I would like to dwell on my blessings instead of the hardship and I must say I am truly grateful on a lot of things. 

First of all, I did the most impossible thing that I thought I would not do in my entire life- RUN A RACE. I have challenged myself not only once but three times! Everytime I crossed the finish line it was the most happiest 5k in my life. It opened my eyes on the things that I can do if I just set my heart into doing it. It helped me a lot in boosting my self-esteem.

Second, I celebrated the biggest milestone of my career- 5 years in Huawei! It is the milestone that I am most proud of since I have never stayed that long in a company. It is a testament of my maturity in terms of career growth. It tested my patience but I did survived. 

Third, I made my first solid investments- I bought a house and got insured. These have the greatest impact on me since it opened my mind on the importance of financial security. It made me realized how careless I was in handling my finances and it made me take a detour to really assess myself so I can have a secure future.

Fourth, we celebrated my eldest daughter’s 7th birthday. It made me smile to think that I am experiencing the joys of motherhood for 7 years now. Seeing my daughter blossomed into a young lady made me want to wish that I have more time to spend with my family especially my children. I realized how many milestones I have missed  and that I need to make it up with them. It made me realize that family is the most important above all.

Last but not the least, I lost a friend. My labrador Tetay has passed away a week before Christmas. The sweetest creature that gave me much loyalty and love all these years has crossed rainbow bridge. Although it is painful and hard to grasp, it change my perception on saying goodbye. That no matter how we love and cherish our loved ones it is an inevitable thing to say goodbye. It’s just that we will never know when is the time. It gave me the hardest lesson of letting go and think of the happy times together rather than dwell on the pain of the loss. It taught me to create happy memories together so you will have something to look back and smile about when what is left are the glimpses of the past.

So 2017, I am very grateful for these lessons. Rest assured when the clock strikes to a new year, I will be able to welcome it with a bang!