They say that beyond the commonplace existence, you will find one place that will captivate you and make you fall in the love that you wish you can stay there forever. As our boat approached the beautiful Anawangin Cove, I was enamoured by the scenery that I instantly fell in love with the place. Perhaps the sense of serenity is so inviting that it attracts the senses and makes you want to explore the mystifying beauty within its shore.

As I set my foot ashore, amidst the playful rush of waves, I cannot help but feel the peaceful vibes of the island. It is such a place where time stood still and all your worries and cares of the commonplace world will be forgotten. The fine, white sand welcomes you and the majestic hills that embrace the place is so lusciously green that you automatically respond to the relaxation that it is offering its guests. The place is literally void of the technological advancement of the modern world, having no network coverage, no electricity and no advance water source (aside from one hand pump) . But its primitiveness adds up to its charm and it does not devoid one’s experience of valuable existence. One would think that for our modern generation who basks into the glory of modern living, one could not survive the non-existence of the amenities that we are commercially feed to live in. But surprisingly, this quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, will lead you to inner peace that only communing with the nature can bring. Perhaps, our DNAs are programmed to embrace the world in its natural and earthly charm.

As the night approaches, the songs of the crickets are music to one’s ear and I wondered how many young people have missed out the simple joys of hearing such wonderful works of nature today. And in this place, I rediscover the things reminiscent of my childhood- shadow plays, story-telling with friends, listening to the plain, unedited renditions of lullabyes and songs; things that bring reconnection to the people and things I valued most and rekindle my passions which were set aside in exchange for chasing city lights and living the modern life. I come to the realization that happiness and contentment are not always relevant on how much you achieve by working hard. Most often, they can be found if you have inner peace in your heart and in your soul.

I left Anawangin a different person. The beautiful experience was embedded in me that to write about it this day was like a journey back to the place; as if I have been transported to this cove once again to relive its charm. And the beauty of it will be imprinted into my mind until the time that I can come back and fell in love with the place all over again.