How to be fit without ruining your budget

Myth: Being fit can put a hole in your budget. 

Most people find it very hard to get fit these days and one of the reasons is that they find it very costly to be fit and healthy. With a lot of social media hype about healthy lifestyles, fitness has become a status symbol rather than a necessity to many. Maybe because of too much commercialism, people automatically equates fitness with a hefty price tag that only a few could afford. 

But hey, do you know that you can still be healthy without breaking your bank account? Here are some simple tips for a healthier you without compromising your budget. 

Ditch the gym

Photo: P & G Everyday

Yes, gym memberships are costly. But there are still ways on how you can get your dose of exercise without enrolling in a gym. Running and walking outdoors for a minimum of 30 mins are simple ways of getting your exercise. Plus there are a lot of fitness apps and exercise videos that you can download for free from the internet which you can practically do anywhere. 

Hate of doing your exercise alone? Get a fitness buddy who will motivate you to exercise constantly.

Prep your own meal

Photo: Eat Yourself Skinny

There are a lot of wellness gourmet food delivery out there but with a pricey tag price. Try to prepare your own meal instead. You’ll be surprised on how much moolah you can save by simply planning and preparing your own meals. Plus, since you are doing the preparation, you know what’s inside the food your taking in. You don’t need the fancy ingredients as well. You can do a healthier version of your favorite food by simply substituting ingredients. Just remember these rules: less salt, less fat, more greens. 

Know your nutrition

Being healthy is no rocket science. In fact, health and wellness are being taught to us since grade school. If you’re at lost with your nutrition, go back to basics,i.e., the go-glow- grow food group and the food pyramid to guide you. Avoid junk foods and fast foods as well. And don’t be a couch potato- start moving. You’ll be surprised how much these little things can do to your whole well- being.