Dream. Do. Enjoy. Share – An Inspiring Event for Goal Setters and Dreamers

I recently attended a National Bookstore event which I stumbled upon by accident while strolling aimlessly at SM Aura Premier last March 24. It was a Kikki K event dubbed as ” Dream.Do. Enjoy. Share. An Afternoon with Kristina Karlsson.” and I was so delighted to know that it would be graced by no less than its founder Kristina Karlsson!

The event also featured workshops conducted by the best resource persons in the Philippine planner community- Liona Jeane Guzman (@lionachinky) who taught about Planner Set- Ups and Vision Boards and TC Morados (@inksandcoffee) who demonstrated Journaling to Jumpstart Your Creativity. But of course the highlight of the afternoon is when Kristina herself took the stage and talk about her journey in establishing her brand.

Planner set up by @lionachinky

What I really loved about her discussion is when she shared her 12 Life Rules. This is where I could identify the most especially when she talked about dreaming big which is my theme for this year. I got very excited so I want to share also these life rules to all goal setters and dreamchasers out there.

12 Life Rules of Kikki K.

Kikki K’s 12 Life Rules inked in my bullet journal

1. Love what you do.

2. Set goals.

3. Don’t take/say no for an answer.

4. Never stop learning.

5. Work hard but work smart.

6. Get up early.

7. Surround yourself with great people.

8. Be grateful.

9. Be healthy.

10. Take notes.

11. Have fun.

12. Dream BIG!

I got the chance to have a small chit-chat with Kristina when I had the post-it that I won in the event’s game signed for an autograph. She asked me if I have big dreams and I said yes! And it is now a work in progress. I briefly shared to her about how I started giving motivational talks to students and encourage them to set goals and strive to achieve it. I also told her about my dream to publish my own book. And she was excited to hear it.


I left the event even more inspired. Hearing encouraging words from someone you look up to is really a big motivation for me to pursue my passion in life.


A cup of tea

Well, it’s a chilly mid-week morning today. As I sit into my cubicle with my hot cup of Moroccan tea while browsing the net, I noticed that I haven’t visited my blog for EONS of years (hehe)! So, where have I been eh? No, definitely not visiting the Queen. 

Seriously, I was just busy on several projects that I neglected to write (sorry…). However, my hiatus has given me opportunities and more experiences that I will share here (promise). For starters, I have started two personal projects that have taken a lot of my time and effort for the last few months. 

Be Fit

Admittedly, I had neglected my health for several years that resulted to health complications and obesity. I started this year with a goal to lose at least 20 lbs this year. So I drag myself to the gym, started working out and choosing healthier food options. And I am so happy that I already achieved my goal in just 6 months! 

From 200 lbs in 2016 to a 180 lbs by June 2017 😉

 Be Ready for Rainy Days

I realized that I am not young anymore and that I need to be more disciplined with my finances if I want to retire in peace when I am in my senior years. That is why I have set up my financial goals this year and push myself very hard to save and invest. And that means learning to curb my spending and be more financially literate. So my first step is build my emergency fund by opening a savings account and take on the 52- week challenge. So far, I stick to my savings plan and now I am reviewing several policies for other investments such as VULs and mutual funds. ✌

Less spending, more savings 👌

In between these two things, I still have my 9am to 6pm regular jobs and family to take care of so my hands are really full. Nevertheless, I am back. 😉

It’s a Planner Thing (& You Wouldn’t Understand)

I’ve recently discovered the art of kawaii planning and I was hooked since the first time that I tried it. Now my IG feed is full of pictures of my planners (yes, I am using multiple planners! 😊) with my personalized and fully decorated monthly and weekly spreads. 

My partner somehow stumbled upon my new hobby (thanks to the messy stickers and washis), scratched his head and asked me if I still really use my planner for the purpose of planning. Well of course I do and my planning gets even better each day. Not sure how to react, I told him that “hey, it’s a planner thing you wouldn’t understand”.

For some of you who has no clue on what I am talking about, planner decorating or kawaii journaling is a way of creatively putting in entries to your planners or journals rather than the usual black and white scheme (which admittedly gets so boring more often). It is in a way a personal work of art with mixtures of different media,paper and pen. And you may ask, what do we gain from it? Let me give you my reasons why I am so obsessed with it now.

It gives my planner its own personality

Decorating my planner not only beautifies every plain pages but also gives it  a personality of its own. Oftentimes, it is a reflection of my own thoughts and emotions. Thus, it is no longer just a Happy Planner or Erin Condren, it has become me. 

It makes remembering things easy and pleasing to the eyes

I am a visual person and I easily remember things by what they look. Thus, when I decorate my planner it is easier for me to remember things  and events by having a visual reference. Plus, when the going gets tough and I have a very bad or toxic day, I have something beautiful to look forward to to lift my mood. 😉

It makes me goal-setting a breeze

I use my planner not only for daily schedules but to set short- term and long term goals. Thus, decorating it with my favorite things create an on the go vision board for me. Planner decorating makes me stick to my goal even more than when it was just the plain black and white it used to be. 

It unleashes my inner Van Gogh

I must admit that I am a frustrated artist.I love arts but because of my busy corporate schedule, I haven’t got the chance to fully explore my artistic side. Planner decorating gives me the license to be creative and to use every pages as a canvass that I can carry with me wherever I go. 

I gain new friends

Planner community is growing fast.And because of social media, planner junkies can easily exchange ideas, share their works and encourage each other. Joining the community opens me to a more diverse perspective and gain new friends who share the same passion. Isn’t that the biggest plus? 😙
I can still think a thousand reasons but it would take a lifetime to enumerate them all. I am grateful that I discovered this hobby. And I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. 

Happy Kalat! 😉