Happiness: It’s Not Really Complicated

Last April 14, I have attended one of the highly anticipated conference of which aims to spread happiness to the world. The Mission Happiness Conference 2018 facilitated by no otheBer than Ms. Sha Nacino is truly a fun-filled learning experience to all its particBeipants. All the teachings impart by Ms. Nacino on how to be happy is a no non-sense, straight forward approach as to uplift one’s emotional well- being and develop a holistic view in achieving a Happy, Inspired and Meaningful life.

I have yet to indulge myself into the four key learnings that I have learned during the workshop. Here are some of the key points that I have picked up on the discussion that is truly simple yet we oftentimes forget to look for in our quest of true happiness in life.

Find the things that matters to you most

There is a saying that we often neglect to see the light of the moon because we are busy chasing the stars. In our every day lives, we often have so many things that we need to do and most often than not, these things are the contributors of our stress and unhappiness. We blame our unhappiness to the stress brought about by work, our relationship with others or even the traffic that we encountered in our every day commute. But have we ever thought that it is our own choice why we need to go through all these things every day? Is the life we are living now exactly the one of our purpose and passion?

We often hear life coaches talk about passion and purpose but what they exactly mean to ordinary people and how important they are to our lives? For me these two simply mean the things that really matter to you. These are the things that you really want to do and that you do best. These are the things that make you excited to wake up every morning and not feel stressed whenever you need to tackle tasks related to them. These are the things that make you optimistic even if the odds are against you.

Finding things that really matters to you is important so you will be able to do things that you enjoy most. And if you are not yet there on your ideal place, at lwast you have the inspiration to work so you will be able to pursue what you really want in life.

Be a blessing

There is a connection between doing an act of kindness and happiness. It is said that our body and mind are hardwired to giving. The more we do good deeds to others, our cortisol level (aka stress hormone) goes down and our endorphine (aka happy hormone) increases. Thus, we become happier. There is this kind of euphoria when you are able to accomplish one goof deed or an act of kindness more than any material things in the world.

So if you are stressed or overwhelmed, do one random act of kindness and find the good vibes slowly slip into to your being.

Develop an attitude for gratitude

How often do you say thank you? And what are the things that you are grateful for? Do you know that gratitude is a secret to a happy life?

Being thankful even for the smallest and simplest things that come your way such as waking up in the morning and living another day, or having a hearty breakfast is the best way to find contentment and happiness. To borrow a lyrics from a Jose Mari Chan song, “when you are weary…count your blessing instead of sheep.” When we concentrate on the good things in life instead of those things that make us anxious and unhappy, we can derive a sense of calm that although we face so many challenges in life, there are still beautiful things that happen to us that we can be grateful for. In gratefulness we find our strength to face every day with hopes in our hearts that all will end well.

Strive to grow as a person

Remember the excitement you get when you achieved a milestone when you are young? Even as simple as learning to write our names make us excited and happy, right?

Most of the people who already stepped out of school and started working, rarely have the time to celebrate or find time to seek new milestones for themselves. It seems that they stop to grow anymore. That is why they see each day as just another busy, hectic day to live. As one author puts it “we work hard to earn a living but we stop to live a life.”

Why don’t we seek those little milestones again in our lives and celebrate little victories in achieving them? Instead of just putting up with mundane, every day routine, we find time to seek growth for ourselves. Even as simple as learning soft skills like managing your temper, or curbing your vices, or striving to have a healthy relationship with your family are considered life’s milestone and contribute to your growth. Self- improvement will bring back the joy to your life and it also changes your perspective of who you are to the world. It teaches you self-appreciation and the more you recognize your feat, no matter how small it is bring you contentment and happiness.

I learned so many things in the span of four hours and I left the venue a changed person. Now I am looking forward to share what I captured during the workshop to spread the message that happiness is not that complicated to find at all. 😊


Here’s to an easy, breezy staycation, ladies!

Feeling tired and burned out lately? Maybe you have been working so hard that stress is finally getting the best of you. While we need to work our ass off so we can have the finer things in life, it is also important that we look after our health as well. And taking a time off from your routine from time to time is a way to shake off that blues from our system.

Most people will go out of town or even out of the country to get that much needed rest. But if you have limited time and budget, a dream vacay may not be the best option. In fact it may be tedious for some of us. Why not try staycation? It is the best alternative to a short getaway without too much trouble of packing things, going out on a long trip and burning a hole in your wallet. 

Here are some useful tips to make out the most of your weekend staycation.

Pack light. Save yourself from the trouble of heavy bags. You will only be gone for two days. Pack two to three days worth of clothes and weekend essentials in your carry all bag so checking in will be a breeze. 

Plan your itinerary. Just like any vacation, it will be helpful if you plan your days ahead. Draw up an itinerary of the things you want to do and the places you want to visit. Don’t just go shopping. Visit places in the city that you don’t normally go on a regular basis such as museums, weekend markets, and parks to give you a different perspective of the city. 

Book for a good place to stay. Booking a hotel is sometimes one of the hassle of taking a staycation. One needs to consider a place that is accessible and with complete ameneties yet budget friendly. Lucky enough, there are hotels that can offer you this package in the metro today. One example is The Mini Suites in Ayala CBD area that is strategically located to provide you access to different locations of the city since it is connected to the walkway so travelling by foot is easy.  The room and it’s amenities are luxurious, albeit mini in size. And yes, they offer a competitive weekend rates too. 

The Mini Suites

Sneak in a little “me time”. Whatever your plans are, always give yourself a chance to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of your regular grind. Take a lot of rest, get a massage or take a long shower. Soak yourself with happiness and forget your worries so you can come back energized.

Enjoy your weekends! ❤

A cup of tea

Well, it’s a chilly mid-week morning today. As I sit into my cubicle with my hot cup of Moroccan tea while browsing the net, I noticed that I haven’t visited my blog for EONS of years (hehe)! So, where have I been eh? No, definitely not visiting the Queen. 

Seriously, I was just busy on several projects that I neglected to write (sorry…). However, my hiatus has given me opportunities and more experiences that I will share here (promise). For starters, I have started two personal projects that have taken a lot of my time and effort for the last few months. 

Be Fit

Admittedly, I had neglected my health for several years that resulted to health complications and obesity. I started this year with a goal to lose at least 20 lbs this year. So I drag myself to the gym, started working out and choosing healthier food options. And I am so happy that I already achieved my goal in just 6 months! 

From 200 lbs in 2016 to a 180 lbs by June 2017 😉

 Be Ready for Rainy Days

I realized that I am not young anymore and that I need to be more disciplined with my finances if I want to retire in peace when I am in my senior years. That is why I have set up my financial goals this year and push myself very hard to save and invest. And that means learning to curb my spending and be more financially literate. So my first step is build my emergency fund by opening a savings account and take on the 52- week challenge. So far, I stick to my savings plan and now I am reviewing several policies for other investments such as VULs and mutual funds. ✌

Less spending, more savings 👌

In between these two things, I still have my 9am to 6pm regular jobs and family to take care of so my hands are really full. Nevertheless, I am back. 😉

Beauty Trends to Avoid as a Career Woman

Transitioning from being a carefree, happy-go-lucky gal into a career woman is one of the major goals that every woman should strive to achieve. And by  means,if you want to be taken seriously, you should pay attention on how you carry yourself in the workplace. The way you look affects you big time in how your career path go. So if you are being sidelined for promotions despite on your work achievement, you might consider taking a look on your fashion choice. Oftentimes, they are being neglected, but this little detail is one of the usual culprit why your climb in the career ladder seems to be slow.

If you want to be considered seriously, you should be mindful of the beauty trends that  you are following especially on how you put on your makeup. Being polish suggests professionalism and evokes your maturity. So if you are still doing below fashion booboos, you might as well stop and learn to  do your makeup right.

Mismatched foundation

mismatched foundation

Your foundation is like a second skin only better. Thus, as a career woman you should always wear a foundation that totally blends in your own skin and will not leave you with streaks and colors that looks like your face is floating from rest of your body. Know how to choose the right color for your skin tone, and ensure that when you apply your foundation it will blend seamlessly into your skin. Make sure that your foundation has the right formulation to avoid oxidation or discoloration.

Colorful, shimmery makeup

colorful makeup

Yes, you are entitled to your own individuality but you also need to learn to mute your wild side in the workplace. Your date night with barkada look (i.e. colorful, shimmery eyeshadow, blush and lip color) is definitely a no-no in the office. Stick to neutral colors instead that do not distract. Your makeup should be matte or satin in finish and will last you the whole day.

Overpowering perfume scents


The rule of thumb in workplace fashion is that whatever you wear should not be a distraction to your co-workers. That includes your perfume choice. Stay away from the sweet, fruity scent you used to wear during your teen years. Instead, use a perfume that has a hint of powder or floral smell to it. These scents will leave you fresh all day without overpowering the rest of the workplace.

Fancy nail arts and unconventional nail colors

nail arts

Trimming your nails is not enough when it comes to office grooming. You should also refrain from sporting nail arts and unconventional nail colors to avoid being viewed as childish. Just like your makeup, stick to neutral nail colors and say goodbye to long nails or nail extensions that will hamper your fingers’ mobility.

Outrageous hairstyles and hair colors


Lastly, pick a hairstyle that is easy to wear, manageable and corporate-friendly. Stay away from flaming hair colors and choose a hair dye closest to your natural hair.

There is a saying that ” to be a queen, you should act like one”. So always look your best while doing all the hardwork and it will surely pay off.



What Makes Hue Different?- Your Guide to Wearing Office Makeup

Getting lost on how to keep an appropriate look for the office? Don’t fret out. Most working women are struggling to make that big impression also. This is very particular when it comes to choosing the right makeup to wear in the workplace as this is an essential part of power dressing.

There are many instances when a perfect power dressing is ruined by the makeup. Whether you are going through interview, attending business meetings or making a big presentation, putting on too much color and glitter in your face distracts people you are dealing with and may leave a bad impression on them. Therefore, every working women needs to know how to put on a work- appropriate makeup.

Not sure how to do it? Here are some pointers to consider on choosing the right office make up for you.

Au naturale


Going natural is always the best way to go in office makeup. But this does not mean that you will go bare-faced in the office.  Choose a light foundation that matches your skin or at least half shade darker since the office lighting tends to make your skin look pale. Your skin should look flawless and hydrated too. Opt for a matte finish make up to achieve the effortlessly natural look.

Less is more

Less is more

Go easy on your office makeup. The rule is that it should require minimal time to put on. Reserve the smoke eyes for your girl’s night out. Instead, swap it with a neutral palette to highlight your eyes. Your cheeks should have a hint of blush to have a healthy glow. It is good to have a good shade lipstick in nude or pink shade.

Low- maintenance is the key


Choose a makeup look that could stand your busy schedule and requires minimal touch ups. There is nothing more annoying than having to retouch almost every hour throughout the day and leaves you little time to do your office work.

Do not distract

Do not distract

Don’t leave a wrong impression by wearing a distractive hue of makeup. Bold , glittery and glossy makeup colors will keep getting in the way between you and that big break your aiming at if you don’t stop wearing them in the office.

Makes you feel comfortable and confident


Wearing the right make up should make you feel comfortable and confident and at the same time. Your wake up should enhance your features and you will  be able to wear them in any type of temperature.

Never ever let your makeup gets in the way on your career ladder. Learn how to choose the right shade and you could never go wrong.

Benefits of Yoga in the Body

Yoga is a form of exercise that offers a lot of benefits to our physical well being. Many people are drawn to yoga since a lot can be gain in practicing it. Unlike other forms of physical exercise, yoga offers added benefits aside from the usual strength and stability training. Rather, it also targets the emotional well being of those who are engaged into this exercise.

Below are the proven benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Improves flexibility. Here is one of the most obvious benefits of yoga. Doing complex yoga poses challenge your body to increase your flexibility threshold. You may find it hard to touch your toes before but after several yoga sessions, doing yoga bends will be as easy as a breeze. This is because inter-related yoga poses increases lubrication on joints, ligaments and tendons, thus increasing fluidity of movement.
  •  Increases physical strength. Yoga is considered as one of the best strength training exercises as doing yoga poses targets particular muscle groups. Sustaining yoga positions improves muscle endurance building muscle strength especially the core areas. It tones and develops the muscles for you to be able to support your own weight during the workout.
  • Teaches how to breathe. In yoga classes, you will be taught how to breathe properly during exercise. Proper breathing techniques help you provide your body with the proper supply of oxygen. It also helps lessen possible injuries when doing strenuous activities. Moreover, proper breathing helps in body relaxation process, thus, help us de-stress.
  • Corrects Posture. Yoga promotes good posture. Posture is one important factor in execution of yoga poses. By practicing yoga regularly, our bones become accustomed in doing movement with correct positioning of the back area. Thus it helps in preventing back injuries while strengthening the spine.
  • Promotes Weight Loss. As more experienced yogis will say, yoga is not merely a form of exercise but a lifestyle. While yoga teaches you to strengthen your body, it also teaches you to choose the right food to maintain the healthy and fit body. Fiber from fruits and vegetables are a staple diet of yogis. This has helped them maintain a lean body that help them attain agility that is needed to do the exercise.

Practicing yoga is indeed a good way to achieve a healthier and fitter body. Most of all, yoga helps achieve a level of spirituality that makes us more at peace to ourselves. So do try to join yoga classes in your gym or your local community and delve into a life changing experience that you will enjoy.

De-Stressing Your Life

Admit it or not, not all of us are good at coping with stress. There are a lot of day to day situations that makes us stressful- bills that we need to pay, being stuck into traffic when we are on way to an important meeting, deadlines that we need to meet, targets that we need to achieve. Even petty things that did not go well or as we expected can contribute our stress.

Stress is known to alter our emotional, psychological and physiological balance and causes unrest to our being. Exposure to stress into a mild degree is not necessarily bad. But if we are dealing with too much stress in a daliy basis, it can be detrimental to our health. Some of the common stress- related diseases are heart problems, hypertension, insomnia and depression. Thus, it is important to know how to manage our stress level. Below are some of helpful tips on how to lessen our exposure to stress:

  1. Identify what causes your stress. In order to cope with stress better, you need to know what causes it.  Write down the things and situations that you commonly push your stress button. In this way, you can strategize on how to deal with these situations once they occur.


  1. Know your stress indicator.  There are different ways on how our body reacts to stress. Most common reactions to stress are rise on body temperature, increase in heart rate, disorientation, or even feeling a sudden pang of hunger. Remember that stress is a chemical reaction inside the body that causes unrest. It is important that you know this stress indicators so you can immediately assess and adjust to dealing with the situation that may have trigger your stress.


  1. Getting some exercise. One good way of managing stress is by involving into any physical exercise activities. Exercise produces endorphin, an anti- stress hormone that produces a feel-good feeling. Physically fit people are less susceptible to suffer from severe stress than the couch potatoes.


  1. Having a therapeutic relaxation.  It may be as simple as getting a body massage, participating in a yoga class or as grand as having a holiday vacation. Engaging into relaxing activities alters our mood and counters the stress hormone. Relaxation revitalizes our physical and emotional well-being. Having renewed energy will go a long way into dealing with future stress.


  1. Get a support group. It is important that you have a solid support group in dealing with stress especially if you are dealing with severely stressful situation like trauma. It may be your family, your closest friends or your community. These people will be your help line to guide you through the process of coping with your stress.

So the next time that you feel that you are on the verge of panic and stress is getting on you, don’t fret. Take a deep breath and remember that stress is part of our normal lives. The most important thing is