Beauty Trends to Avoid as a Career Woman

Transitioning from being a carefree, happy-go-lucky gal into a career woman is one of the major goals that every woman should strive to achieve. And by  means,if you want to be taken seriously, you should pay attention on how you carry yourself in the workplace. The way you look affects you big time in how your career path go. So if you are being sidelined for promotions despite on your work achievement, you might consider taking a look on your fashion choice. Oftentimes, they are being neglected, but this little detail is one of the usual culprit why your climb in the career ladder seems to be slow.

If you want to be considered seriously, you should be mindful of the beauty trends that  you are following especially on how you put on your makeup. Being polish suggests professionalism and evokes your maturity. So if you are still doing below fashion booboos, you might as well stop and learn to  do your makeup right.

Mismatched foundation

mismatched foundation

Your foundation is like a second skin only better. Thus, as a career woman you should always wear a foundation that totally blends in your own skin and will not leave you with streaks and colors that looks like your face is floating from rest of your body. Know how to choose the right color for your skin tone, and ensure that when you apply your foundation it will blend seamlessly into your skin. Make sure that your foundation has the right formulation to avoid oxidation or discoloration.

Colorful, shimmery makeup

colorful makeup

Yes, you are entitled to your own individuality but you also need to learn to mute your wild side in the workplace. Your date night with barkada look (i.e. colorful, shimmery eyeshadow, blush and lip color) is definitely a no-no in the office. Stick to neutral colors instead that do not distract. Your makeup should be matte or satin in finish and will last you the whole day.

Overpowering perfume scents


The rule of thumb in workplace fashion is that whatever you wear should not be a distraction to your co-workers. That includes your perfume choice. Stay away from the sweet, fruity scent you used to wear during your teen years. Instead, use a perfume that has a hint of powder or floral smell to it. These scents will leave you fresh all day without overpowering the rest of the workplace.

Fancy nail arts and unconventional nail colors

nail arts

Trimming your nails is not enough when it comes to office grooming. You should also refrain from sporting nail arts and unconventional nail colors to avoid being viewed as childish. Just like your makeup, stick to neutral nail colors and say goodbye to long nails or nail extensions that will hamper your fingers’ mobility.

Outrageous hairstyles and hair colors


Lastly, pick a hairstyle that is easy to wear, manageable and corporate-friendly. Stay away from flaming hair colors and choose a hair dye closest to your natural hair.

There is a saying that ” to be a queen, you should act like one”. So always look your best while doing all the hardwork and it will surely pay off.




Updating your office wardrobe for summer

Yes, it is officially summer and who could not notice when temperature outside could reach as high as 43 °C at its peak. If you live in a tropical country, you will most likely know how difficult it is to dress for the office with all the stiffness and bulk of the usual business attire.

However, there are ways to ease the summer heat by injecting a little style change in your daily office wear without sacrificing the corporate look. Here are some tips to steal the office summer look.

Put the lights on

Lights on

Instead of your usual black, brown, gray and navy put on something white as your neutral color for the summer. Add a touch of light colors by using pastel hues and cool tones to refresh your look.

Go with the flow

flowy fabric

Fabrics play major role to ward off the summer heat, so choosing the right kind of fabrics for your office wardrobe is a must. Go for lightweight or weightless materials for your blouses, dresses and yes, even your blazers. Sheer fabric is a good choice when topping it off with blazers. Fabrics with cut outs such as eyelets or lace is another alternative since it allows air to circulate in your body.

The silhouettes


Cuts and silhouettes that flows away from the body is the usual preference during summer. When updating your office wardrobe for the summer, look for cuts that will not cling to your body and those that will not add bulk when you try to layer them (yes, layering is ok for summer too!). Choose silhouettes that is easy,flowy and relaxed to ward off heat.

Slip that dress

Slip dress

If you cannot do away with your dark colors this season, wear the color for your slip dress. However, choose a slip dress in light, feathery fabrics and fits comfortably. It should be not too tight and in appropriate length.

Bring it on, gaucho

wide leg pants

Structured trousers are not that comfortable wearing this time of the year since it has the tendency to cling to your legs. You can style your office wardrobe this season by swapping your trousers to the less structured, wide-legged pants. You can also opt for cullotes and gauchos for easy, breezy dressing. Just make sure that it fits you in your waist and hips to avoid looking sloppy.

Whatever you wear this summer, just make sure that it will still conform with your company’s dress code to avoid getting into trouble with your HR. Beat the heat this summer and be the stylish corporate chick.

What Makes Hue Different?- Your Guide to Wearing Office Makeup

Getting lost on how to keep an appropriate look for the office? Don’t fret out. Most working women are struggling to make that big impression also. This is very particular when it comes to choosing the right makeup to wear in the workplace as this is an essential part of power dressing.

There are many instances when a perfect power dressing is ruined by the makeup. Whether you are going through interview, attending business meetings or making a big presentation, putting on too much color and glitter in your face distracts people you are dealing with and may leave a bad impression on them. Therefore, every working women needs to know how to put on a work- appropriate makeup.

Not sure how to do it? Here are some pointers to consider on choosing the right office make up for you.

Au naturale


Going natural is always the best way to go in office makeup. But this does not mean that you will go bare-faced in the office.  Choose a light foundation that matches your skin or at least half shade darker since the office lighting tends to make your skin look pale. Your skin should look flawless and hydrated too. Opt for a matte finish make up to achieve the effortlessly natural look.

Less is more

Less is more

Go easy on your office makeup. The rule is that it should require minimal time to put on. Reserve the smoke eyes for your girl’s night out. Instead, swap it with a neutral palette to highlight your eyes. Your cheeks should have a hint of blush to have a healthy glow. It is good to have a good shade lipstick in nude or pink shade.

Low- maintenance is the key


Choose a makeup look that could stand your busy schedule and requires minimal touch ups. There is nothing more annoying than having to retouch almost every hour throughout the day and leaves you little time to do your office work.

Do not distract

Do not distract

Don’t leave a wrong impression by wearing a distractive hue of makeup. Bold , glittery and glossy makeup colors will keep getting in the way between you and that big break your aiming at if you don’t stop wearing them in the office.

Makes you feel comfortable and confident


Wearing the right make up should make you feel comfortable and confident and at the same time. Your wake up should enhance your features and you will  be able to wear them in any type of temperature.

Never ever let your makeup gets in the way on your career ladder. Learn how to choose the right shade and you could never go wrong.

The Bags that Every Woman Must Have In Her Closet

Let’s face it, women are obsessed with bags. And men will never fathom the reason of our never ending love affair with our purse. A bag is a staple in women’s wardrobe. More than a fashion, our purse serves an important function. Thus, each woman needs to own at least one bag that is sturdy and versatile.

However, if you like to start a bag collection just like any bagaholic femmes, here are the five kinds of bags that you must start to invest on:


  1. Clutch Bag

images (2)

Clutch bag is very useful when you are out on a date night or attending special events since it can hold all your essentials such as your phones, money, lipstick and pressed powder without the hassle of lugging a big bag with you. Invest in a clutch that can take you from day-to-night event, i.e., you can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Get one that has removable chain sling that you can attached to if you need to free your hands from holding it.


  1. Sling Bag


A quick errand to the grocery or an impromptu coffee with your friends means a hassle-free purse to bring along with you. Sling bags are great to bring for short strolls or errands since it is light to bring along. Your essentials can be easily accessed and since you sling it close to your body, you can be sure that all your things are secured.


  1. Tote Bag

images (3)

The all versatile tote bag is a heaven-sent for all women. You can use it just any way you want from your shopping sprees to your office. Since the bag has enough room for your things, you can literally bring everything in it. Tote bag can easily spruce your look especially if you get in fabulous color or fun design.

  1. Structured Bag

images (5)

Aiming to give a good first impression in your workplace or during client presentation? Complete your get up with a structured bag and you could never go wrong. A sturdy structured bag is a wise investment for career women. It is a classic piece of women’s accessory that can go along way and can hold from your make up to your laptop.

  1. Weekend Bag

images (8)

It is absolutely necessary to have a weekend bag in your closet that you can easily pullout if you have out of town travels. This should be big enough to put your clothes and other essentials and must be weather-proof to protect your belongings from getting wet. Best of all, your weekend bag can easily be hand-carried when you are travelling by plane and saves you the trouble of checking it in as a baggage.

Your purses should not be necessarily high- end designer bags. As long as you get good quality materials, you are good to go. Most of all, take good care of your bags and treat them as your investment so they will last.