Resume No-no for Entry Level Applicants

You just got out of college and you are determined to start a career of your own. But although you almost sent all your resumes to companies with available job openings, you still did not get any call so you start to doubt yourself. Have you tried to look for the culprit yet? Your resume might be the problem, not you.

There are many resume writing mistakes that go unnoticed especially for entry-level applicants. These boo-boos are the reasons why your application does not pass through the initial screening process. If you are a newbie and is already in agony of not getting a call even for a single interview, maybe you should need to review your resume and try to spot these common mistakes so you can correct them.

Unprofessional-looking email address

Your “” email address is not so cute anymore as you try to break into the professional world. In this digital era, your email address is one of your main contact points from would be employers. Thus, you need to have a professional looking emaill address to start with. A good professional email address must contain your name. In this way, headhunters will easily recognize you as the same person whose sending the CV.Besides, having a “cute” email address signals that you are not mature enough to step into the corporate workforce. 
Your CV is more than one page

Unless you have worked while studying and have relevant work experience, your resume must not be more than one page. Many entry level applicants commit mistakes by putting irrelevant and unneccesary information in their resume hoping that these info will help them land a job. In reality, irrelevant data does not help you at all. So avoid putting your high school clubs, hobbies, activities, achievements or too much personal information so HR personnel will be able to concentrate on those details that will make you a good candidate for the job.
Posting a selfie photo

Many people are so obsessed at taking selfies and posting them in social media but do not risk your chance of landing a job by posting a selfie photo in your resume. Instead, get a professional looking photo in a photo studio to attach to your CV. You can always ask for a soft copy of your ID pictures so you can have it reprinted just in case you need more.

Typo errors

Mosr resumes end up in the waste basket because of too many typo errors. You must bear in mind that your CV Is your tool to market yourself. Whatever you put in your resume says something about you. A resume full of typo errors and misspellings sends signals to your recruiter that you are not responsible enough for the job. Proofread and edit your resume before sending it out. If you are not sure if it will pass the HR reviewer, ask someone to proofread it for you.  

If you found one or more of these mistakes with your current resume, better start re-writng it. 


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