Moving forward: How to quit your job gracefully


One of the most difficult decisions that every career woman experience is quitting one’s job. It is not only a financial burden but also emotional burden considering the connections that you’ve made with the people in your company that are getting severed when you move out.

But no one expects you to be tied forever to your office chair and if it is inevitable for you to leave your current work for a greener pasteur, ensure that you say your goodbye politely. Here are ways on how you will leave a positive last impression before you bid adieu to your company.

Discuss your decision with your boss


Before handing down your resignation letter, consider discussing your decision with your immediate supervisor. Ask for a meeting and discuss your reasons for leaving. Whatever your reasons, be honest. Let your boss understand your reason and if he attempts to negotiate with you to stay, listen to him as well. If you really made up your mind to go, say thank you and turned down his offer politely.

Formalize your exit


Do not just go and leave the company without formally handing in your letter of resignation. In your letter, be brief, polite and concise. Thank the company for the opportunity of working with it no matter your reason of going.

Give ample time for transition

When your company accepts your notice of resignation, give the management peace of mind by alloting ample time to transfer your workload to the one who will be replacing you. It is specifically stated in the Philippine Labor Code that any employee resigning from a company must have 30 days prior notice. This is to ensure that all your responsibilities are transferred smoothly. To facilitate smooth work transition, prepare a list of responsibilities, documents and things that you need to transfer and specify the person to whom you are going to handover just in case your replacement is not yet around.

Attend the exit interview


Some employees pass up the exit interview and just choose to leave the company after the transition period. However, an exit interview is integral to the company’s human resource policy in order for them to facilitate improvements in the company’s workforce. Participate in the exit interview but do not use it to voice your grievances and rant about things tou do not like in the company. Instead, be neutral and professional and discuss only with HR on the things you think can still be improved in the company.

Work hard until your last day

You started strong so aim to finish strong as well. Work hard until your last day in the office and finish as much task as you can do. During this time, ensure that you complete the work handover so you won’t be bothered by unfinished work once you already started in your new job.

In your last day in the office, say goodbye to your colleagues and let them know that you will always keep in touch. Who knows, one day you will work with them again.


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