Freelancing: How to supplement your income using your talents

Many people say that there is no money in freelance writing but I beg to disagree. Ever since I received my first paycheck from doing freelance writing jobs two years ago, I realized that you can earn I decent amount of money from doing what you love in your spare time. One may wonder why I still do freelance writing despite the fact that I am earning a good sum of money in my regular job. For one, writing is one of the things that I am good at and passionate about. I am happy that I am sharing my talent while earning on the side. Secondly, it is a good way to use my spare time. I make my internet browsing productive by doing freelance jobs and getting paid to pay for my bills. Thirdly, freelancing is one of the best way to supplement your income. You can’t expect to be rich doing freelance work but having a secondary source of income makes you worry less on where to get money to pay for your bills when your main job fails to provide for you. In my case, freelancing helps me set up my emergency fund.

As  mentioned above, freelancing does not guarantee you to earn a lot of money since your income will be dependent on the time that you are willing to invest into freelancing. On the average, I earn between Php 1500-3000 a week, since I only accept projects during weekends. But if you are willing to try to do freelancing, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Use your talent


Each of us has an innate talent and skills. If you decide to do freelance work, do something that you are good at or something that you enjoy doing. Using your talent and being passionate about it will give you the motivation to do things over and over. Also, since you love what you are doing, it will not feel as work at all.

Determine how much time you can allot to freelancing

time freelance

Know how much time you are willing to spare to do freelance job  to help you choose how many projects you can accept. Getting too many projects that you are unsure of finishing within the required deadlines will only get you into trouble with your clients. If  you are employed, avoid consuming your regular working hours to do freelance work to avoid complications from your employer.

 Get projects from legitimate freelancing sites.

legit freelancing sites

You don’t want to spend time and effort for doing projects that you will not get paid. If you are getting your projects online, choose sites that are legit  and deal only with reputable clients. Before you accept any projects, do a background check on your potential client. Check their profile and pay particular attentions on the feedback from other freelancers.

Stay connected


Your first client will usually come from your circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Let them know that you are doing freelance work and ask for referrals just in case they know someone that needs the product or service that you offer. My first writing projects were all referrals from colleagues who knew that I am good at writing articles.

Treat your job as you would treat any other jobs

treat work

Just like any other jobs, you need to be professional when you are doing freelance work. Be punctual with meetings, and be mindful about your deadlines. Always come out with the best product/services that will satisfy and make your clients happy. It is the only way you get more projects.

Overall, freelancing is one of the most flexible and enjoyable way of earning money using your talent and the time. You just need a lot of passion and determination to succeed in this arena.


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