The To-Do List of Intership

Undecided what to do this summer? Why not try to apply for internship instead and make your summer experience different and productive. Nowadays, many companies here and abroad are offering internships to qualified college students and recent graduates as part of their human resource platform. It opens an avenue for qualified young individuals to experience the professional world, albeit not as full-time entry level employees. But before you jump into the internship bandwagon, you need to understand that there is not much financial remuneration in this kind of employment program. Most internship are not paid since the goal here is to provide you with the much needed experience that you can put in your resume and prepare you for the real job market. However, there are some that offer allowance as a compensation or if you are lucky, there are some that offer a minimum wage. Also, like any other job, internship slots are limited so if you are one of the lucky picks, you should maximize the value of the experience.

Not sure what to do during your internship? Here are some tips to have a rewarding internship experience:

Be like a sponge

like a sponge
Internship is about learning so take advantage of this privilege. Employees tend to be more sympathetic with interns as they know that you are there to learn. So ask relevant questions on the tasks that they assigned to you. Take down notes as much as possible so you won’t forget important details. During the course of your internship, be like a sponge and absorb everything that you need to know.

Be enthusiastic

be enthusiastic

During your intership, expect that you will be assigned menial, unglamorous jobs in the workplace like filing paperworks, fetching coffee, photocopying and answering phone calls which are most likely nowhere nearly relevant to your college course. However, this is part of the learning process and you should accept and do your job with enthusiasm. Doing your best in small tasks signals that you are a responsible individual and that you can be entrusted with bigger one in the future.

Be visible


The most common internship mistake is that interns usually choose to shy away from the rest of the workforce until the end of their internship. Remember, aside from the experience, you also need a refenrence person to vouch your character to put in your resume. So don’t just sit in one corner and keep to yourself. Meet people around the workplace and make sure that they know your name especially your immediate supervisor. Be courteous to others and be the intern that they can rely on. In this way, you increase your chance of getting good recommendation in the future.

Be self- motivated and volunteer


Doing well in your assigned tasks is good. But if you think you can do more other than the job assigned to you, be a self-starter and volunteer to run errands for your colleagues. People in the workplace will surely appreciate some help. Just make sure that you get clear instructions on the task and you do the job right to avoid setbacks. When people see that you can be entrusted with other jobs, they will begin to assign more interesting jobs for you other than the menial ones.

Say thank you

say thank u

At the end of your internship let the people you work with know that you appreciate your stay in the company and thank them. Send them thank you notes and tell them how much you have learned from the experience and that you are lookinh forward to be working with them in the future. If you are eyeing a spot in the company, sending thank you note signifies that you are open for possible employment with them. Remember that people always remember those that send a word of gratitude.

Your intership experience, whether it is a good or a bad one, is valuable in shaping your job market perspective. If you had a fun and worthy internship then you are a lucky one. But if your experience is not that good, be thankful and at least take the lesson it shared.


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