MAMARAMA: The Dilemma of Being a Supermom

“Mom, what time are you coming home?”

This is no longer an extraordinary question that you can hear from children nowadays since in this modern times, more and more women are joining the workforce market. You can always find a career woman everywhere in the career ladder. Thus, it is not uncommon to find many of these career women are actually working moms who struggle to keep their work-life balance.

There are many reasons why most modern moms choose to tackle a career than to be full-time moms. One of he main reasons is economics and in this hard time it is better to have two monthly paychecks footing the bill to make ends meet. It is therefore an understatement when these career moms complain about “struggling to keep their sanity”. I, as a working mom do feel the difficulty of fulfilling two roles at the same time. Most of the time, the family is getting side-tracked in the process and to pressure to deal with this kind of situation is not a pleasant experience and leaves a great emotional burden.  A colleague of mine once asked me “Do your children still know you?” Well, I replied “YES” positively but that question lingers at the back of my mind up to this day.

If you are struggling to cope with the woes of being a career mom, here are some things that you can consider to manage the stress of being a “supermom”:

Don’t bring your work home

Dont bring work home

With the advancement of modern technology, it is easier for us to be rubbed off of quality time from our family. Workplace concern can easily seep through your personal space through your mobile phones, emails, laptops, etc. It is difficult not to attend to them even when you are already at the comfort of your home. It is hard not to take a peek at your work emails and phone messages  but as much as possible, refrain from doing it. Do remember that at home, family should be your first priority.

Spend fun times with your family during your day offs


Sometimes t is easier to just lay in bed doing nothing the whole day on your day off. There are also times that you feel you are lagging behind with the household chores that you choose to complete them while you have time. Whatever you want to do during your day off, always find time to spend for your family. Do fun-filled activities together. It could be watching your favorite tv shows or the latest movies together, cooking your favorite meals and dining together or playing your favorite games. It does need to be expensive. The important thing here is being able to bond with your family.

Call  your family members at least once a day while you are at work

Calls at work

No matter how busy they are, you make sometime to check with your family at least once a day. Call them during your lunch break or any time of the day when your workload is not too many. Ask them about their day and make sure they are okay. It is one way of reassuring them that you care for them. Your communication line should always be open for your family.

Money is not always everything

money is not everything

It is easier to equate that so long as we are providing for our family, we are showing our love for them. However, do remember that love is not measured by material things but by the time that is well spent with our loved ones. If you feel you are sacrificing your family’s welfare in the process of juggling a career, then it is time for you to stop and think. If it is no longer worth the sacrifice then it is a sign that you need to let go of your career and start anew. There are a lot of other options for moms to make money out there, you just need to discover it.








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