What Makes Hue Different?- Your Guide to Wearing Office Makeup

Getting lost on how to keep an appropriate look for the office? Don’t fret out. Most working women are struggling to make that big impression also. This is very particular when it comes to choosing the right makeup to wear in the workplace as this is an essential part of power dressing.

There are many instances when a perfect power dressing is ruined by the makeup. Whether you are going through interview, attending business meetings or making a big presentation, putting on too much color and glitter in your face distracts people you are dealing with and may leave a bad impression on them. Therefore, every working women needs to know how to put on a work- appropriate makeup.

Not sure how to do it? Here are some pointers to consider on choosing the right office make up for you.

Au naturale


Going natural is always the best way to go in office makeup. But this does not mean that you will go bare-faced in the office.  Choose a light foundation that matches your skin or at least half shade darker since the office lighting tends to make your skin look pale. Your skin should look flawless and hydrated too. Opt for a matte finish make up to achieve the effortlessly natural look.

Less is more

Less is more

Go easy on your office makeup. The rule is that it should require minimal time to put on. Reserve the smoke eyes for your girl’s night out. Instead, swap it with a neutral palette to highlight your eyes. Your cheeks should have a hint of blush to have a healthy glow. It is good to have a good shade lipstick in nude or pink shade.

Low- maintenance is the key


Choose a makeup look that could stand your busy schedule and requires minimal touch ups. There is nothing more annoying than having to retouch almost every hour throughout the day and leaves you little time to do your office work.

Do not distract

Do not distract

Don’t leave a wrong impression by wearing a distractive hue of makeup. Bold , glittery and glossy makeup colors will keep getting in the way between you and that big break your aiming at if you don’t stop wearing them in the office.

Makes you feel comfortable and confident


Wearing the right make up should make you feel comfortable and confident and at the same time. Your wake up should enhance your features and you will  be able to wear them in any type of temperature.

Never ever let your makeup gets in the way on your career ladder. Learn how to choose the right shade and you could never go wrong.


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