Ooops… The Nightmare of Going Through Bad Interviews

We are often warned that first impression is lasting. In a book written by media executive Roger Ailes, he emphasized the importance of the first seven seconds to make the first impression. In the job market, getting the first impression right is one of the key elements of getting the job. First impressions are critical on the job interview as it sets the tone of the whole interview. However, not all interviews go well and bad interviews happen to all potential job candidates at one point of their job hunting experience.

There are several reasons why a job candidate fails to make a good first impression during the first step of the recruitment process. Here are the common reasons why a job applicant fails to make a good first impression during job interviews:

  1. Arriving late during the interview


When you arrive late during the job interview, you can be sure that you are off to a bad start with the potential employer. Punctuality is one of the key elements that an HR is looking for an applicant during recruitment.  Thus, there is no excuse in coming late.

  1. Wearing inappropriate interview dress

inappropriate clothing

Another interview mistake that makes a bad impression is wearing inappropriate interview dress. Companies do have a dress code that they adhere to and coming for the job interview wearing an inappropriate style will make recruiters have a second thought about hiring you. Remember that your appearance during the interview is crucial in making the right first impression.

  1. Coming across as unfocused and inattentive

Inattentive Interview

Failing to do research on the job and the company you are applying for coupled by interview jitters will affect your performance during the interview process. If you stumble answering the common interview questions and the interviewer has to repeat the same question before you can answer them, you may be perceived as unfocused and inattentive. This will leave a question mark with your potential employer with your qualification.

  1. Not establishing rapport with the interviewer


It is important that you also establish a rapport with your interviewer during your interview to leave a good first impression. If the interviewer feels little to no connection with you the interview process may be uncomfortable.

  1. Not closing the interview properly

not closing interview

How you conclude the interview is just as important as how you do well during the introduction.  Not thanking your interviewer for their time is one common reason why applicants fail to make the right impression.  Remember that how your interview conclusion is the one final chance of making the first impression right with your potential employer.


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