Waiting in Vain: Why You are Never Called For an Interview?

So you are ready to take on the challenge of looking for a job. You prepared your resumes, send it to potential employers and get yourself ready for job interviews. The only thing for you to do now is to wait to get that call back from the recruiters and tell you that you are scheduled for an interview. However, waiting for recruiters to call back is one of the most frustrating things to experience during the job hunting process. The worst thing to happen to you is that you never get a call back from any potential employers that you sent your CV’s to.

There are many reasons why jobseekers may not be called for job interviews at all. Some of the reasons are controllable but some may be totally out of hand. Most of recruiters and hiring managers have identified these common reasons why jobseekers don’t get a call back from recruiters.

  1. You are not qualified for the job


Not Qualified for the Job
Recruiters and hiring managers need to sift through tons of resumes from applicants vying for the same job. However, not all applicants who are sending their CV’s match the job requirements that employers are looking for. If you do not have most, if not all of the must-haves of the job requirements, chances are you will never get a call at all.

  1. Your CV is not well- written

Badly Written Resume

Your CV is your first step to get you into the door of the company you are aiming to join. Your CV is a marketing document to sell your skills to potential employers.  It is then important that your CV is well-written and well-presented for you to have a better chance of getting noticed by recruiters and get a call back. If your CV’s is riddled with typo errors and is eight- page long, you get lesser chance of being called for job interviews.

  1. Your salary is too high/ too low

Salry Too High

It is essential that you know the market value of the job that you are applying for. There are distinct salary grade on different job positions on the market. If you are asking for a salary that is beyond the salary range of the position you are applying for, you may not get a call from recruiters at all. Similarly, if you are undervaluing your asking salary, the recruiter may think that you are under- qualified for the position and you will be scratch off from the potential interviewee list also.

  1. Your social media profile does not match your resume


In the age of aggressive technological advancement, your potential employers may check your social media accounts to get and overview of you. Linkedin profile as well as other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may affect your job hunting.  If your Linkedin profile does not match your CV or your Twitter and Facebook pages constantly contain your complaints about anything about your recent or previous jobs, recruiters will be hesitant to give you a call.

  1. Recruiters are already pursuing someone else

Pursuing someone else

You may be qualified for the job and have sent a well- written resume. Your salary is within the salary grade of the position that you are applying for and your social media profile appropriately matches your CV. However, you still did not get a call from recruiters. Chances are, they already shortlisted someone else for the job. While the job vacancy may not be filled yet, recruiters have already collected enough resumes of potential candidates and the quota may have been filled. In this case, you cannot expect calls from recruiters at all.

Whether you are an unemployed looking for a job or currently employed but is looking for a better opportunity somewhere else, it is important that you learn to take your job hunting skills to a higher level so you can generate call backs from potential employers. Remember that the job market nowadays is a highly competitive ground that everyone must learn to explore.


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