How to avoid workspace chaos to increase your productivity

Believe it or not, your workspace layout affects on how you are faring out with office productivity.  The notion that a messy cubicle (READ: paper works filing up, reminder board overflowing with post-its of things to do, office supplies scattered around your desk, etc) evokes hard work  is wrong. Truth is, a messy workspace is equal to a less productive office day. Employees with workspace overly loaded with stuff usually lost at least one productive hour looking for important things and documents that are lost in the sea of their workspace mess. Thus, in order to keep your sanity and efficiency, a good workspace organization is highly necessary.

Are you ready to make that change in your office desk for a more productive you? Here are tips on how to effectively organize your office space to achieve your productivity goals:
Observe proper desk layout


Consider your desk as your own command post. To increase efficiency, lay out your desk so as there will be minimal distractions during your work. Your monitor/ laptop should be at the middle of your table and within eye level.  As much as possible, keep only the necessary supplies on your table and within your reach for easy access.

Minimize your office supplies

images (1)

Your office supplies are tools to make your work life easy and not meant to be a distraction. Limit the number of pens, papers and other office tools on your desk. Those frequently used item must be in your desk and within your reach and keep those items which you seldom use in the upper part of your pedestal drawer below your desk.

Limit your personal mementos

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                Travel souvenirs and personal photos are good motivation for you to work hard but going overboard in displaying them in your workspace may become a distraction also since it tends to take away your attention from what you need to do. To effectively manage your “personal space” in your desk, limit your personal items to three things only. Position them at the farthest end of your desk to avoid drawing too much attention.

Tame that reminder board


                It is a good thing to put up a reminder board for the things that you need to do. However, an overloaded reminder board defeats its purpose as you have the tendency to lose those memos and miss the things that are urgent.  One thing to do to avoid your reminder board from cluttering is to do immediately whatever you have written on your note.  Be diligent in removing the notes that are no longer needed and save those contact details on your phone or your address book.

Mind your paper works


Your papers are the usual culprit of your office clutter.  Some employees have the tendency to procrastinate in reviewing, signing or routing office documents until such time that the pile on the table is higher than the empire state tower.  Others are just lazy to dispose ” expired” documents that they keep on piling up on the desk and become permanent eyesore.  Use the paper tray wisely. Don’t let those documents sit on your paper tray. Have an SLA for your documents processing which includes signing, routing, filing and disposing. Take advantage of your office scanner and scan those important documents which you may need and store them in your computer storage drive where you can easily access them when needed.

Free up a “white space”


It would be advantageous to keep a space the size of an A4 paper to make it easier for you to review and sign documents. It is recommended to designate this space in your dominant side.

Follow a specific work flow

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                Working on a number of tasks almost simultaneously may become overwhelming. It is important then to keep relevant documents of active tasks in your table and learn to prioritize tasks. Group your work flow as:
1.  High important and urgent

2.Urgent but not important 

3. Important but not urgent

4. Not urgent and not important

In that way, you avoid missing out on the documents and your tasks.

Keeping up with an organized workspace requires constant follow through on the process. Make it a habit to clean up your desk to avoid accumulating clutters.



What Makes Hue Different?- Your Guide to Wearing Office Makeup

Getting lost on how to keep an appropriate look for the office? Don’t fret out. Most working women are struggling to make that big impression also. This is very particular when it comes to choosing the right makeup to wear in the workplace as this is an essential part of power dressing.

There are many instances when a perfect power dressing is ruined by the makeup. Whether you are going through interview, attending business meetings or making a big presentation, putting on too much color and glitter in your face distracts people you are dealing with and may leave a bad impression on them. Therefore, every working women needs to know how to put on a work- appropriate makeup.

Not sure how to do it? Here are some pointers to consider on choosing the right office make up for you.

Au naturale


Going natural is always the best way to go in office makeup. But this does not mean that you will go bare-faced in the office.  Choose a light foundation that matches your skin or at least half shade darker since the office lighting tends to make your skin look pale. Your skin should look flawless and hydrated too. Opt for a matte finish make up to achieve the effortlessly natural look.

Less is more

Less is more

Go easy on your office makeup. The rule is that it should require minimal time to put on. Reserve the smoke eyes for your girl’s night out. Instead, swap it with a neutral palette to highlight your eyes. Your cheeks should have a hint of blush to have a healthy glow. It is good to have a good shade lipstick in nude or pink shade.

Low- maintenance is the key


Choose a makeup look that could stand your busy schedule and requires minimal touch ups. There is nothing more annoying than having to retouch almost every hour throughout the day and leaves you little time to do your office work.

Do not distract

Do not distract

Don’t leave a wrong impression by wearing a distractive hue of makeup. Bold , glittery and glossy makeup colors will keep getting in the way between you and that big break your aiming at if you don’t stop wearing them in the office.

Makes you feel comfortable and confident


Wearing the right make up should make you feel comfortable and confident and at the same time. Your wake up should enhance your features and you will  be able to wear them in any type of temperature.

Never ever let your makeup gets in the way on your career ladder. Learn how to choose the right shade and you could never go wrong.

Ooops… The Nightmare of Going Through Bad Interviews

We are often warned that first impression is lasting. In a book written by media executive Roger Ailes, he emphasized the importance of the first seven seconds to make the first impression. In the job market, getting the first impression right is one of the key elements of getting the job. First impressions are critical on the job interview as it sets the tone of the whole interview. However, not all interviews go well and bad interviews happen to all potential job candidates at one point of their job hunting experience.

There are several reasons why a job candidate fails to make a good first impression during the first step of the recruitment process. Here are the common reasons why a job applicant fails to make a good first impression during job interviews:

  1. Arriving late during the interview


When you arrive late during the job interview, you can be sure that you are off to a bad start with the potential employer. Punctuality is one of the key elements that an HR is looking for an applicant during recruitment.  Thus, there is no excuse in coming late.

  1. Wearing inappropriate interview dress

inappropriate clothing

Another interview mistake that makes a bad impression is wearing inappropriate interview dress. Companies do have a dress code that they adhere to and coming for the job interview wearing an inappropriate style will make recruiters have a second thought about hiring you. Remember that your appearance during the interview is crucial in making the right first impression.

  1. Coming across as unfocused and inattentive

Inattentive Interview

Failing to do research on the job and the company you are applying for coupled by interview jitters will affect your performance during the interview process. If you stumble answering the common interview questions and the interviewer has to repeat the same question before you can answer them, you may be perceived as unfocused and inattentive. This will leave a question mark with your potential employer with your qualification.

  1. Not establishing rapport with the interviewer


It is important that you also establish a rapport with your interviewer during your interview to leave a good first impression. If the interviewer feels little to no connection with you the interview process may be uncomfortable.

  1. Not closing the interview properly

not closing interview

How you conclude the interview is just as important as how you do well during the introduction.  Not thanking your interviewer for their time is one common reason why applicants fail to make the right impression.  Remember that how your interview conclusion is the one final chance of making the first impression right with your potential employer.

Waiting in Vain: Why You are Never Called For an Interview?

So you are ready to take on the challenge of looking for a job. You prepared your resumes, send it to potential employers and get yourself ready for job interviews. The only thing for you to do now is to wait to get that call back from the recruiters and tell you that you are scheduled for an interview. However, waiting for recruiters to call back is one of the most frustrating things to experience during the job hunting process. The worst thing to happen to you is that you never get a call back from any potential employers that you sent your CV’s to.

There are many reasons why jobseekers may not be called for job interviews at all. Some of the reasons are controllable but some may be totally out of hand. Most of recruiters and hiring managers have identified these common reasons why jobseekers don’t get a call back from recruiters.

  1. You are not qualified for the job


Not Qualified for the Job
Recruiters and hiring managers need to sift through tons of resumes from applicants vying for the same job. However, not all applicants who are sending their CV’s match the job requirements that employers are looking for. If you do not have most, if not all of the must-haves of the job requirements, chances are you will never get a call at all.

  1. Your CV is not well- written

Badly Written Resume

Your CV is your first step to get you into the door of the company you are aiming to join. Your CV is a marketing document to sell your skills to potential employers.  It is then important that your CV is well-written and well-presented for you to have a better chance of getting noticed by recruiters and get a call back. If your CV’s is riddled with typo errors and is eight- page long, you get lesser chance of being called for job interviews.

  1. Your salary is too high/ too low

Salry Too High

It is essential that you know the market value of the job that you are applying for. There are distinct salary grade on different job positions on the market. If you are asking for a salary that is beyond the salary range of the position you are applying for, you may not get a call from recruiters at all. Similarly, if you are undervaluing your asking salary, the recruiter may think that you are under- qualified for the position and you will be scratch off from the potential interviewee list also.

  1. Your social media profile does not match your resume


In the age of aggressive technological advancement, your potential employers may check your social media accounts to get and overview of you. Linkedin profile as well as other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may affect your job hunting.  If your Linkedin profile does not match your CV or your Twitter and Facebook pages constantly contain your complaints about anything about your recent or previous jobs, recruiters will be hesitant to give you a call.

  1. Recruiters are already pursuing someone else

Pursuing someone else

You may be qualified for the job and have sent a well- written resume. Your salary is within the salary grade of the position that you are applying for and your social media profile appropriately matches your CV. However, you still did not get a call from recruiters. Chances are, they already shortlisted someone else for the job. While the job vacancy may not be filled yet, recruiters have already collected enough resumes of potential candidates and the quota may have been filled. In this case, you cannot expect calls from recruiters at all.

Whether you are an unemployed looking for a job or currently employed but is looking for a better opportunity somewhere else, it is important that you learn to take your job hunting skills to a higher level so you can generate call backs from potential employers. Remember that the job market nowadays is a highly competitive ground that everyone must learn to explore.

The Bags that Every Woman Must Have In Her Closet

Let’s face it, women are obsessed with bags. And men will never fathom the reason of our never ending love affair with our purse. A bag is a staple in women’s wardrobe. More than a fashion, our purse serves an important function. Thus, each woman needs to own at least one bag that is sturdy and versatile.

However, if you like to start a bag collection just like any bagaholic femmes, here are the five kinds of bags that you must start to invest on:


  1. Clutch Bag

images (2)

Clutch bag is very useful when you are out on a date night or attending special events since it can hold all your essentials such as your phones, money, lipstick and pressed powder without the hassle of lugging a big bag with you. Invest in a clutch that can take you from day-to-night event, i.e., you can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Get one that has removable chain sling that you can attached to if you need to free your hands from holding it.


  1. Sling Bag


A quick errand to the grocery or an impromptu coffee with your friends means a hassle-free purse to bring along with you. Sling bags are great to bring for short strolls or errands since it is light to bring along. Your essentials can be easily accessed and since you sling it close to your body, you can be sure that all your things are secured.


  1. Tote Bag

images (3)

The all versatile tote bag is a heaven-sent for all women. You can use it just any way you want from your shopping sprees to your office. Since the bag has enough room for your things, you can literally bring everything in it. Tote bag can easily spruce your look especially if you get in fabulous color or fun design.

  1. Structured Bag

images (5)

Aiming to give a good first impression in your workplace or during client presentation? Complete your get up with a structured bag and you could never go wrong. A sturdy structured bag is a wise investment for career women. It is a classic piece of women’s accessory that can go along way and can hold from your make up to your laptop.

  1. Weekend Bag

images (8)

It is absolutely necessary to have a weekend bag in your closet that you can easily pullout if you have out of town travels. This should be big enough to put your clothes and other essentials and must be weather-proof to protect your belongings from getting wet. Best of all, your weekend bag can easily be hand-carried when you are travelling by plane and saves you the trouble of checking it in as a baggage.

Your purses should not be necessarily high- end designer bags. As long as you get good quality materials, you are good to go. Most of all, take good care of your bags and treat them as your investment so they will last.