Jumping the rainbow loom bandwagon

An office mate of mine has introduced me to loom bands which piqued my curiosity that it made me want to try it also. So the next day I bought a starter kit and tried this loom band craze and I immediately got hooked. For one, it is a form of arts and crafts like my beaded jewelry which I would normally do whenever my hectic schedule permits. But more so, these tiny rubber bands being weaved into bracelets and charms reminds me of my childhood wherein we linked regular sized rubber bands and used it as our jump ropes. Looming these rubber bands into different patterns of colored bracelets brings joyful memories of my childhood where everything around me was colorful and harmoneous.

Looming has also help me manage my stress level. Whenever I feel like freaking out, I would just sit at one corner and loom. It helps me calm down and clears my cluttered mind. I would always be teased for lugging my kit along with me in the office but the hell I care, I could make as many bracelets as I want as long as I am not disturbing anybody. 😉

As of writing, I think I already made about a hundred bracelets, most of them I gave away while some of them I have already sold (yes, my time was never wasted on this craft coz I made a hefty sum already selling them also. 🙂 ). And I think I would never get tired of looming as long as there are rubber bands to loom.

my Monster Tail loom