The Search for Work- Life Balance

Work- life balance is a phenomenon that is yet hard to achieve. There are many written how-to’s all over the internet and self-help books, but for many professionals, this seems to be as elusive as finding a pirate’s treasures. Everyone who works their asses off would know how toxic is the working environment nowadays and the demand to keep up with competition produces a lot of stress. It is a comic irony that I am writing about it since I myself has difficulties in converging work and personal life into a yin- yang of co-existence.

The advent of globalization is one of the reasons of the rise into the demands to increase productivity of all industries. To keep up with the global competition and to stay into the business, companies opt to ramp up the KPIs of their employees, setting up high targets and devicing new strategies in achieving them. One of these strategies is to maximize the current employees capacity in delivering maximized outputs. Oftentimes, this entails long hours of work, sometimes eating up part of employees rest days and holidays.

Another contributor is the modern technologies that supposedly keep our lives easier. Communication devices such as mobile phones and emails which aim to keep us connected to the people important to us are sometimes overused to the point that it is choking you up. The fact that you can open your mails everywhere, or you can receive calls whenever and wherever you are, makes it easier for you to fall victim to work overload. These things that  supposed to make us more productive can cause life imbalance in the long run making it even harder to achieve the elusive work-life utopia.

Although most companies have included to there human resource programs of providing perks to address issues of having a well-balanced life of the employees , many still fall to the pit of work exhaustion because of the economic necessity. In these days where unemployment is high, the security of tenure is low and inflation is growing, the pressure of maintaining one’s work drive many of the employees into workaholic individuals, sacrificing personal living in exchange of economic gain. The aggressive competition within the workforce, the allure of promotions or higher pay contribute to the pressure and a threatens to take a toll to one’s well- being.

In the end, having a  balanced life is as exhausting as working into achieving one’s KPI. Understanding one’s capacity as against one’s needs is important into finding ways to a more holistic approach of living life to the fullest. Setting up realistic goals is also necessary to lessen the stress and take off unnecessary burdens of the workplace. We work to make a living and not living just to work. Having a happy personal life, connected to the people who matters to you is just as important into keeping one’s paycheck.


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