The Beauty of the Amber Skies

There is always a different captivating beauty of the sunset skies. I don’t know why, but I am drawn to the mesmerizing horizon of the setting sun that produces a colorful skyline between the light and dark. What fascinates me most is that the magical effect which is no more than a fleeting show but produces lasting effect on one’s human soul.

I have been to many places in the country and as always, I collect beautiful memories of the amber skies as souvenirs. And no sunset is the same, each produces different aura that delves deeper into consciousness. Here are some of the most memorable sunset views that I have enjoyed in my travels:


The Skyline
Antipolo is the window at the outskirts of the metro. Wherever you look during sunset, one can find the striking contrast of the skyline to the cities below coming alive with little lights like fireflies awaking to the night sky.


A Peek of the Pacific
Calm and colorful, sunset at Manila Bay is one of the breathtaking view one can experience. The blue and calm waters of the Pacific playfully enjoins the last vestige of the sunlight, making the skies above a canvass of colorful hues that paints into the hearts of those who are mesmerized by its magic.


Stairway to Heaven

Somewhere along the winding roads of the Atok, Benguet stood the high and mighty mountains of terraces that seems to extend up to the heavens. One cannot help but to stop for a while and admire these stairways to heaven while the sun is coming down to kiss them and pay homage to the ancient people who labored hard to pass on the everlasting gift of love to their proud descendants.


Laid back Horizon

The cold breeze touches your skin while the soft lapping of the sea wave to your feet presents a lasting charm to your consciousness as the sun quietly meets the high seas at the horizon of Anawangin in San Antonio, Zambales. The songs of the crickets that signals the approaching peaceful night will lull you to sleep unless you want to stay up a little bit and huddle in a bonfire to savor the serenity of the place that makes you want to stay forever.


Coming Home

There is nothing more humbling than watching the marriage of the sun and the seas in my own hometown in Candelaria, Zambales. The magnificent and playful shadows of the approaching night is a reminicent of my youth, of the childhood fantasies and the small footsteps towards realization. Coming home to the sunset that nurtures your being is one of the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Perhaps the reason why I was drawn to sunset is because It presents inner peace within. Its possesses a vibrant appeal amidst its amber horizon. It heals the heart and the soul from the hustle of daily living. Or perhaps, the reason why I love the sunset is the promise it brings that tomorrow will be another great day to look forward to.


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