The So- called Telecom Life

I must say, working in a telecommunications industry is not the career path that I have dreamt of. But luckily for six years I find it a rewarding and challenging journey that I have enjoyed so far. The growing demand to keep up with the fast paced technological evolution in terms of telecommunication has diversified this industry for so many years that in terms of longevity, the continuous advancement in modern communication will keep us very busy for years to come.

People would automatically assume that if you’re working in this industry either you are an engineer or an IT professional. So most of the time people that I know of are astonished (and perhaps wonder) on how a non-engineering/ IT graduate like me has find a fulfilling path in this industry. In fact, you don’t need to be an engineer to develop a solid career in telecom. Here are some of the job positions that you can consider in this industry:

1. Site Acquisition Officer

If you are people- oriented, has a good communication and negotiation skills and is organized, you can work as a site acquisition officer (SAQ). The basic job function is to acquire feasible location for the construction and installation of the telecommunication facilities. SAQ staff are considered the front-liners in the industry and are involved in site selection, negotiation of lease and facilitate the needed build permits.

2. Paralegal Officer

Professionals who have legal studies/ backgrounds can consider the job of a paralegal officer in the telecom industry. Paralegal officers are the dedicated staff who review and determine authenticity of the legal documents submitted, prepare, review and finalize lease agreements. Overall, paralegals are involve in contract management.

3. Autocad Operators

If you have a knowledge in translating engineering data into a cohesive installation plan and knows how to operate the autocad software, then this job is for you. The autocad operators handles the day-to-day production of detailed drawing and the as-built plans as basis of the project implementation.

4. Documentation Assistant

Documentation Assistant or DA’s provide administrative support to different departments in a telecom company. The job ranges from the usual administrative works to documentation, updating project database and generation of project related reports when needed.

5. NOC Support

More likely of a technical help desk support staff, the NOC (network operations center) support is the lifeline of the site engineers whenever there is a live network activity at site like network integration and alarms troubleshooting. Most telecom companies provide training for the NOC support staff to ensure that network protocol is being met.

The telecommunications industry is dynamic. It is never stagnant and it keeps on evolving. Same thing as the jobs that it can offer to the growing job market. The career opportunity in this industry is vast. It also offers an attractive compensation package and rewarding career advancement to those who wished to explore its job offering. And everyday, there is always a new knowledge and experience to take in. Who knows, you can also find your dream job in this industry. =)


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